Soul Portrait


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See the magic alive in you. 

A Soul Portrait Is a commissioned artwork made to unleash your power, voice and beauty.  They are visual anchors for you to your higher self, inspiring confidence and strength in their muse.

I intuitively blend your likeness with your chosen spiritual protectorsbe them wild animals, ocean waves or tiger lily flowers. 

The natural wonder elements are an enduring reminder that the earth is so much more magical than we realize. And so are you. 


To start, I'll reach out by email ( with a client questionnaire to create an explorative list of your preferences and desired spiritual nature elements. 

    I’ll also request reference photos I need. Within 5 days of receiving your request and reference photos, I’ll send you your first draft/early design, and ask for any changes or revisions you would like.

    Within 2 days after that, I’ll send the final design and allow for one more revision. 


    Spirit Animal Reading:

    We all have a spirit animal that represents us and protects us throughout our lives. That is the spirit I'll use for your portrait.

    But the Universe also sends us diverse animal messengers at different times to communicate advice or affirmations relevant to that point in your life.

    With each portrait I'll include:

    A written message from your Spirit Animal of the moment, and how it can guide and inspire you during this time in your life.

    Receiving one of these directly after we create your portrait is the opportune time, because you've centered and meditated on your higher, naturally divine self and are most ready to receive wisdom and intuition.



    A fine art print (in size 8.5 x 11”) will be made of your digital portrait and mailed to you.

    The print will be embellished with acrylic paint strokes and 24k gold leaf foil (as fitting to the design), and gently varnished for longevity.

    I’ll also provide the high quality digital image (300 dpi) by email in several formats such as PNG, JPEG and TIFF.